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Brunette girl in pink plaid blazer and skirt leaning on a wooden desk
Brunette girl typing on a laptop at a wooden desk
Photo of phone and laptop sitting on a wooden desk
Wooden desk with journal and pen holder




Taylor is a Registered Psychotherapist who has recently started her entrepreneurial journey offering virtual and in-person counselling. After completing her undergraduate degree, she decided to pursue her Masters in Counselling Psychology. Shortly after working in this field, Taylor realized that she could do so much more with her passion than simply working for somebody else.

Although it is always easier to go the traditional route, Taylor decided to start something up all on her own & I couldn't be happier that she chose us to help her get there.

Girl holding open the five minute journal
Girl in white cardigan leaning her elbow on the arm of a couch and smiling
Girl holding the five minute journal

This was Taylor's first ever branding photoshoot. She needed professional headshots for promotion, as well as content for her new business Instagram. With an in-depth wardrobe guide and a detailed photoshoot plan, we captured all the photos she needed while having her brand colours and aesthetic at top of mind.

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