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Girl in white smiling at a large 3 tier wedding arch cake
Girl adding final touches to her white wedding arch cake
Girl in all white sitting on white couch and running hand through her hair
Close up photograph of details on a white wedding arch cake




Not to be dramatic, but Sam is a super woman. She owns 2 businesses while raising a family of 3 daughters. If that isn't ultimate girl power, then I don't know what is!

I met Sam at Sisterhood's second networking event, and we have collaborated so many times since! She never had professional branding photos done, but after seeing my Instagram, she knew she needed them. We had her booked in right away and planned an awesome day with her beautiful cakes. Throughout our time together, I learned so much about how delicately she works & was able to capture it through close-up detail shots like the ones shown here.

Cake designer adding icing to a micro cake
Cake designer adding icing to a 3 tier wedding cake


Cake designer dipping knife into icing

At Sam's photoshoot, we wanted to capture plenty of action shots as she worked on cakes, along with candid portraits of her & solo shots of the beautiful cakes. We found a studio with a kitchen that matched her aesthetic, and spent a couple hours capturing her as she created her masterpieces. We got a variety of shots as these images were to be used on her Instagram, website, and newsletters.

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