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Older woman wearing white and leaning on wooden desk
Woman typing on laptop
Photo of health books stacked on a wooden desk
Woman sitting in front of laptop and smiling at phone




Nathalie is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, certified Culinary Nutrition Expert, and Lifestyle Coach. She takes "doing it all" to a whole new level with all her expertise! After years of learning and slowly starting up, she finally decided to give it her all and invest in her business by building her website and getting professional branding photos done.

Once I learned that she was committed to helping woman feel better through improved nutrition, we quickly bonded over our love for helping woman live a better and happier life through the thing we know best. In her case, nutrition! Notice all the green in her photos... that wasn't accidental.

Herbs in front of window
Woman standing wearing green oven gloves


Women smiling with hands wearing green oven mitts grabbing her face

When planning this photoshoot with Nathalie, she described her ideal photos as clean and bright, with hints of green. Since this was her main branding colour, we incorporated it through plants, wardrobe, and props! It may be subtle, but all her photos visually connect because of this colour planning. We captured multiple different looks, yet all the images still work perfectly together!

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