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Girl holding a cup of coffee and her phone showing her Instagram page
Stack of journals and business cards sitting on stool as woman writes in a notebook
Girl smiling as she writes in a notebook beside a pile of planners
Girl with long white nails typing on her phone




Lyndsay is the owner of BOSS Agent Support, a marketing and administrative agency for real estate professionals. As a marketing agent, Lyndsay knew that getting her branding photos taken sooner rather than later was vital to building her brand image and online presence early on.

When we had our discovery call, Lyndsay was prepared with everything I needed to know. She knew the words she wanted to convey about her brand through her images: professionalism, relaxation, empowerment, and confidence. I'd say we nailed those!

Girl in green blazer holding her macbook at her waist
Girl in green blazer sitting on arched stairwell
Girl looking down at her notebook as she writes

Lyndsay's primary brand colour was this beautiful sage green, so we made sure to incorporate it through clothing, plants, and props. Although we captured various different looks, they all flow and work together nicely. Keep an eye on her Instagram and website to see how she will be using all her lovely new images!

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