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Girl in black and white plaid blazer sitting on a couch
Girl sitting on pink couch laughing with her head thrown back
Girl in blue denim leaning her head on her hand while sitting
Girl in cozy beige sweater posing with her hand in her hair




Julia and I met in the strangest way, but I am so glad we did. After we had talked a couple of times over the phone, she felt comfortable enough to have her portfolio shots taken by me. It was something that she had to do to really kick-off her acting career, but there was always something holding her back - her confidence.

During our time spent together, she was hyped up in-front of the camera by me & pre-glammed by the amazing Regan Staats Makeup. Before even seeing her photos, her confidence skyrocketed. She was finally in a space where she felt comfortable, safe, and confident.

Close up of girl in comfy sweater
Girl sitting in gold medal chair resting her head on her hand
Girl in black and white plaid sitting on couch looking away from the camera

For this photoshoot, Julia primarily needed headshots as she was building her portfolio for agencies. We made sure to book a studio with multiple set-ups, as well as pack many outfits, so that we could have a lot of variety in her final images. We made sure to include a mix of dressy and casual outfits to provide a range of looks in her portfolio!

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