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Young girl in white tank smiling as she sits in a black chair
Girl pulling 89 Social Club business cards out of her front jean pocket
Girl in jeans and black heels walking by holding a tote bag advertising 89 Social Club
Girl sitting on couch with iPad showing 89 Social Club's logo




Chloe is a young female entrepreneur who has recently started her own company called 89 Social Club. We all know there's a ton of social media agencies out there, but there's a major component that makes Chloe's different: she focuses on wellness. As soon as we had a call and discussed her business, I was immediately excited to help an entrepreneur who was just as passionate about wellness as I am.

After a quick discovery call, Chloe was ready to take the leap and do a photoshoot with me so she could prepare her visuals for her new Instagram page.

Girl typing on laptop
Girl in black blazer leaning on white couch
Girl in black blazer and pants resting head on her hand as she lays on a white chair

In these photographs, I captured Chloe in multiple outfits that showed both her personal style and her brand's aesthetic. Her brand is very minimal, so colours were kept very neutral. She brought various branded props that we photographed for marketing material as well.

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